In our continued effort to grow and diversify and assist you with all your aggregate needs, we have expanded our services at our Pontiac location and now offer landscape supplies including aggregate, sand and topsoil that you may need to pick-up with easy access. Find our pricing below.


2024 Pontiac Prices

Material List (yd.)
1X3 C/C $19.50
21AA C/C $14.75
21AA L/S $25.65
6A L/S $29.05
6A Natural $31.50
Asphalt Millings $10.00
Fill Sand $13.45
Mason Sand $24.20
Peastone $29.85
Screened Topsoil $13.00
Brick-21AA $11.00
Brick Dump Fee $5.00

2024 Milford Prices

Material List (yd.)
Asphalt Millings $10.00
Crusher Sand $8.00
Screened Topsoil $13.00
Unscreened Topsoil $10.00